2014: The Sunset

Following the Fin Del Verano I decided to extend the season somewhat. This is now the time that most people really are only around for British Cycling Ranking Points or because the race is local to them and it is something to go at close to home.

The races I did were not close to home though and all of them on the longer side of how far you can travel.

They were:

  • Maldon and District Road Race.
  • Surrey League Road Race – Medway Velo.
  • Lancaster University Autumn Points Grabber.
  • Surrey League Ottershaw Series 1
  • Surrey League Ottershaw Series 2
  • Surrey League Ottershaw Series 3

These races were a nice way to finish the season however it took its toll the following year but for now that was not to be thought of. My form had lasted through and was good right up until the last race in November when it started to wane a little.

Maldon was an 08:30 start meaning a 5am leave to get there for 7:30. Steeple which is the location of the Race HQ and circuit is a long way from Leicestershire however the drive was worth it with a beautiful day and a great circuit with part of it overlooking the North Sea. I missed the first move in this race which was on the first lap. I did however make the second break finishing 14th!

This photo was taken outside of Steeple near the race hq for the Maldon And District Road Race. It is another great shot. George Fox who was riding for 45 Road Club at the time is the third man behind the Richardsons Trek Rider. Lewis Atkins of Pedal Heaven RT won this race.

The next Surrey league road race was actually on a closed circuit around Gravesend. Another trip down the M40 for a second week running and this time going a little bit further to go over the QE bridge for the second time this year into Kent.

I tried my best to get away with the VC Meudon Rider Albert Ellison who won the race but it did not happen and in a bunch sprint for 2nd I finished 8th overall.

Then the following week, the opposite end to the country. Lancaster. Quite literally a diagonal line across England in the opposite direction. I made the break 5 minutes after racing which formed into a strong 9 man move. The race then split with 3 riders heading up the road, Jack Pullar, Samual Jackson and Rob Scott. I finished 6th.

Lancaster University Crit at the Salt Ayre Circuit. 
The Break contained 3 riders from Andy Moore Race Team.

The average speed for the this race was over 27 mph and at this point was probably one of if not the fastest race I had done. I have raced as fast and faster many occasions since but this gave me a real buzz with the high level of racing.

It was a 3 hour drive home that night and then the day after it was straight down to Surrey for the Surrey League Ottershaw Series 1. The race 65 miles and toward the end my legs were flagging a little from the effort the day before. A large break went just before the finish on the last lap. I still managed to finish 14th but it was a hard day.

A photo from the first round of the Ottershaw Series 2014.

I finished the season strong the next week in the next round of the series which used 2 Kermesse Circuits during different halves of the race. The break went but they did not ride. I bridged over with Paul Elcock however the bunch was not far behind us and the whole race ended up coming back together for a bunch sprint. I finished a strong 4th behind a Pedal Heaven 1, 2, 3.

Surrey League Ottershaw #2 (2)

Surry League Ottershaw #2 (3)
The Bunch Sprint in the Ottershaw Series Round 2. This finish was on the Kitesmead Circuit.

Surry League Ottershaw #2

Surry League Ottershaw #2 Results
Top 6 got prize money but only four of us were around. Lewis Atkins (winner) Dave Creegon, Jake Martin and Myself.

That was really the finish of the season as although I went to the finale the week after I had a crash in a pot hole on another variation of the Kermesse circuits in that area. That put me out of the race and although I was allowed to continue with a lap down it was sort of it. I actually got a puncture later in that race which I did not mind as it saved me riding around. Although it was raining so a wet walk back. By the time this race had come round also it was impossible to get the 1st Cat Licence I was sub consciously racing for at the time. Riding this deep into the season defiantly had an effect the following winter and although I had learned how to harness this kind of race season to use to my advantage later on I did not have the experience to cope back then.

I had 10 days completely off the bike after this race where the plans for next season were then thought out.







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