Rapha 500

At the end of 2018 I participated in the Rapha 500. An open online based event which involves riding 500km from Christmas Eve to New Years Eve. It works out at just over 300 miles.

To commemorate it I decided to order the Roundel which was on offer. Ordered in January it arrived mid March. Worth the wait I am very pleased!

Completing the 500 is no mean feat. To do it my schedule to complete the 500 was:

  • Monday – 44.83 miles.
  • Tuesday – 18.96 miles (Over 100k ridden)
  • Wednesday – 73.86 miles (Over 200k ridden)
  • Thursday – 35.45 miles
  • Friday – 102.53 miles ridden (Over 400k ridden)
  • Saturday – 24.45 miles
  • Sunday – 13.25 miles (Leicestershire Cyclo Cross League Race)

I tried to keep it easy/hard/easy or in most cases during the week, long/short/long due to the low intensity through the week due to the volume. This maybe the last time for a little while I am able to do this, so completing made me pretty happy.

A donation can be made to the world bicycle relief from Rapha on your behalf if you do not claim the roundel.

Rapha Festive 500 Roundel 2018

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