Elite Licence

As the Road Season has now drawn to a close for 2018, I am very happy to say I have managed to obtain my Elite Licence. This is following many years of hard work and something I have aspired for for sometime.

When I started in 2012, 6 years ago I did not think this was realistically possible but overtime have worked hard and progressed over the years to get here.

As time has gone on, things have changed a lot on the road scene. In 2014 it was a lot different and now things are becoming more specialist for those who want to succeed. It is something I have had to do this year, focusing more on circuit racing rather than racing on the Road over a longer distance. It has involved a lot of travelling to get to different circuits and races around the country and a lot of commitment but something I would not change.

Although, I am now looking forward to taking some time away form the road to relax and enjoy! Hopefully after a break I will be able to continue and achieve more success, but only time will tell.


The moment I achieved my Elite Licence.

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