Jef Schils Memorial Road Race

On Sunday I travelled to Marks Tey, Essex to ride in the Jef Schils Memorial Road Race. Overnight I picked up a cold and I knew travelling down this was going to be a tough day.

Despite this I was actually looking forward to the ride, the course was due to be good with laps of different circuits throughout the race, it was the closest that could be got to a point to point road race and was hopefully going to be very enjoyable.

On arrival to the HQ I got myself ready for the ride out, which was to be a fairly long neutralised section giving a good warm up before starting the race.

Once starting the race was flat out with everyone keen to try get into the move. On the first lap there was a crash which fortunately I managed to avoid. I did however need to chase back on as I was behind at the time, this proved to be very hard with the bunch flat out at the time on what was a fairly fast road next to a reservoir with a strong cross wind.

During the race the bunch was significantly reduced over time as the race took its toll, the varying circuits also made it very tough. In the later stages of the race a large group managed to be establish up front with over 20 riders in. The gap was only just unbridgeable with them in sight but far enough to not get across. The gap was closed before the finish however not enough and the front group contested for the win. With the second group which I was in contesting for around 25th place.

I finished 33rd. Dominic Schils of Velo Schils-Interbike Race Team won the race. It was great to have done the race, has I was fairly worried about starting on waking up with a cold on that morning, I was pleased I went on though. Despite varying circuits, the race passed the lap/finish line on multiple occasions which had a fairly large crowd, music and great atmosphere, making it a pleasure to cross it every time. Hopefully this will be a race which I can ride again in the future.

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