N&DCA Welland Valley CC Time Trial

On Saturday I raced in the Welland Valley Round of the N&DCA Time Trial Series. Following a light week in training I had been thinking of this event and trying to do well for a few weeks beforehand.

This was an ideal target, with us moving house and planning our wedding, time was not something I had a lot of. The TT circuit for this round was literally a few minutes ride away from home and something I could easily get too each evening.

In the weeks leading up to the event I put a lot of laps into the circuit, even recovery rides. It paid off, knowing each part of the circuit, knowing where I could put some effort in and where to hold off, each hill and descent and each bend. Even the wind direction was likely to be coming from.

At the start line I was unsure what to expect from myself, during the week my effort on the circuit was ok however I had rode a little better during the previous weeks. I had also not ridden a TT all year and all my preparation was on my road bike with the TT bike in storage whilst we moved. Still I hoped for a long 23 if it was possible. From memory my previous best was a 25 on my road bike from three years back.

Taking to the start I thought if I could do 290w that would be great and I should get the time I am looking for. I started off well and settled very quickley, and getting to the first junction after two miles I was feeling very good. From my experience of this circuit it can get pretty tough between about two and seven miles and I thought if I had a target number of watts and stayed within around five watts of that when hitting seven miles I could blast the last three which is almost pan flat and the fastest part of the course.

This approach proved to work and it managed to give me a 3rd place at the finish line with a time of 22:57. I was delighted with this result as I knew this was a great time. Also a podium was a fantastic result having being the first Time Trial I have rode this year and the first time I had rode the TT bike this year also.

The winner was Scott Walker (Team Bottrill/HSS Hire) with a time of 22:04 with Christopher Morehen (King’s Cliffe Flyers) in 2nd with a time of 22:28.

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