East Midlands Div Champs

On Sunday it was the Div Champs weekend which this year was to be again hosted by Bourne Wheelers in Castle Bytham.

Arriving at the HQ I got myself ready for what was going to be a tough day. Getting into a couple of early moves almost straight from the gun. A break was established with riders in ones and twos with a large group eventually forming at the front.

A small group of riders riders broke away following this admittedly I should have tried to go with. Following this break was not seen again with the group up to 23-24 strong at one point. The gap was straight up to a minute at the end of the first lap and soon after up to three minutes. After a chase we managed to get it down to the 2 minute mark but it never looked like coming back.

The group was only broken up on the last lap with most of the initial breakaway riders staying away until the finish. This meant there were no placing for the group I was in to contest. I was disappointed to have missed the move but these things happen and I am hoping to move on quickly.

During the race.
Crossing the finish line.

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