BC West Thames: 5th Place

On Saturday we traveled down to Hillingdon to ride in a Saturday Round of the BC West Thames League. It was the second time I had rode here, although this time the race was to be anti-clockwise around the circuit.

Setting off at 14:45 the race was a fast pace with no break sticking despite attempts. However after 45 minutes the race started to stretch out. At this point I got myself to the front putting in some work at the front to try and get a gap.

Soon after a break of 10 was established and we were able to work well together in what was a strong wind. At this point there was around 10 minutes to plus 5 laps so we had to work hard to make sure the move stuck!

On the last lap the was a move that split the group into 4 riders up front and 6 chasing. Unfortunately I did not get myself into the first split however I was able to take 5th on the line in the sprint.

Hard but fun race and one I enjoyed!!

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