Peterborough CC/Alston Homes Road Race : A Good Top 20

On Sunday I traveled over to Huntingdon to ride in the Peterborough CC/Alston Homes Road Race. Following a weekend off racing I just wanted to get some miles in and get round ok.

With the race being over 80 miles and the weather being warm feeding was going to be important and I made sure I had all my gels to try and keep in the best shape through out the race.

The break went early and a small gap was maintained until halfway through the race when another four or so riders managed to bridge over to make the break around eleven riders. At this point the gap to the break was allowed to grow and it quickly went up to around 2 minutes.  Following this nothing else was allowed away until the last lap where an attack eventually stuck and around five riders were allowed to escape. There was never to much of a gap though and on the finishing climb I was able to catch the back of the group in the sprint taking 17th place.

It was a result I was pleased with getting back into it.

Pinning the number on before the start.
Crossing the finish line.
Provisional results at the finish.


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