MK Bowl: DNF And Some Reflection

Last week was another Thursday at the Bowl. Arriving at 6pm traffic was not to bad on this occasion with only the hour drive straight from work.

On arrival however I started to feel in well and this got worse as I started to warm up and when I arrived on the start line. I knew this could be difficult and I might be in trouble however I was ready to go and at the point where I may as well carry on and hope I felt better later on.

With the move going from the gun I got straight over and in. However I did not feel good and after a couple of laps I was dropped out the back. After a short while I was then dropped out of the group behind and I had to call it a night after about 35 minutes of racing.

Following this I had some reflection on which I will do my best to put some emphasis on recovery and amend my goals for later in the year which will move from a focus on racing to training with using the races I have as good training sessions and to hopefully keep an ‘edge’.

This will be especially important with our house move and wedding all coming up in the next few months where it will be more realistic to focus on valuable training time which may be at a premium in the foreseeable future.

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