MK Bowl: Hard Night And A DNF

On Thursday evening I traveled down to the bowl once again. On arrival and warming up I was immediately thinking this might not be the best thing to be doing following straight on from a night at Rockingham. However I decided that I was there and would just need to get on with it and see what happened.

The circuit variation to be used was around the bowl for just over 20 minutes and then out the back side of the circuit going anti-clockwise. I remembered that actually the last time I rode this variation was about 4 years ago.

After starting there was a number of attacks which followed. Going with a couple of moves my legs could certainly feel the night before. After which I just kept myself as sheltered as I could ready for the race to go out of the gates.

Once this happened the race was immediately split up. I was in the second split at this stage hanging on. Although the race later did come back together, after 50 minutes my legs stopped turning and my night had come to a finish after 50 minutes.

Despite this on reflection I actually performed to some good numbers early on, it seemed to be a case of that Rockingham had caught up with me a little from the night before. This is something I will try to avoid in the future, being two race nights in a row on working mid week days.

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