Shrewsbury Grand Prix: The Stan’s Elite Men’s Race

Last Sunday myself and Kathryn traveled to Shrewsbury to contest in the Shrewsbury Grand Prix Elite race. This was a National A event and my first one that I was to contest.

I did not know what to expect other than it was going to be a hard day out which I did my best to prepare myself for. However with national Criterium Champion Chris Lawless riding it was always going to be extremely tough.

With the event starting just after 5. We had a neutralised lap of the circuit before starting and taking a rolling start we were off.

The race was breaking up as soon as it started and the short and steep climb at the back of the circuit was making it very difficult. With about 15-20 minutes gone I found myself off the back and out on my own where it became a time trial until the finish which was the case for a lot of riders.

At this moment I just had to get my head down and try and get to the finish ok. Finishing in 39th place out of 40 finishers and over 55 riders in total it was probably one of my toughest days on a bike.

Finishing a National A was something I wanted to achieve however which I can say I have done now. It was certainly not easy though by any stretch of imagination. 

Photo credit: Steven Oliver
Photo credit: Steven Oliver

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