CC Hackney Series: 2nd And Series Win

On Saturday it was the last round of the CC Hackney Series which I have been participating in this year. I have had my eye on this series for a little while and I have wanted to do well in this for most of the year.

With results the way they were in the last races I came into the race aiming for a 5th or higher which I was hoping was possible. Attacks were made during the race and nobody was able to make anything stick. I spent much for the first half of the race monitoring how things were panning out and trying to cover the moves I seen has something I had to react too. Early on Rhyss Clegg of PMR Tochim was very active and I managed to bridge over to a break of three which had a good chance of staying away however it was covered by the bunch very quickly.

With 30 minutes to go there was a lone attack which went away. This suited me providing things in the race were to settle down which they did meaning the gamble paid off. With just a few laps remaining though the attack was bought to a close. On the last lap with the race together Andrew Carter of Cycleworks attacked with just a kilometre to ride. The bunch reacted but he was able to get a good gap and it was touch and go has to whether he could be caught before the finish.

Seeing there was an opportunity I opened my sprint early to attempt to catch him, managing to get a good gap to everyone myself I just needed to do my best to catch him however I had to settle for 2nd place just missing out by about half a wheel length on the line.

This was still a great result however and credit to Andrew Carter for taking the win. It was great to take the series as well which is something a wanted to do.

Finishing in 2nd place, with Andrew Carter taking the win.
Presentation and podium.

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