Upton Road Race: Hard Day

Racing in the Upton CC Summer Road Race we traveled over to West Yorkshire where the race was held in Pontefract.

Also, following winning a night at a hotel in Leeds at the club awards dinner last November, we had a place to stay up there the night before which was only arose he a 30 minute drive when we woke up in the morning.

Arriving at the race HQ the Superflex Gym, I got signed on and ready for the 09:30 start. The race was to be 13 laps of the circuit which equated to over 75 miles. Feeling good through out I was optimistic about the race. Unfortunately however with 6 or 5 laps to go Mini Cooper pulled out in front of the bunch at the back of the circuit which meant a sharp stop to avoid an accident. I was involved in an accident whilst in the middle of the peloton which had broken my some of my spokes on my front wheel  and meant my race was over.

The Giant Sheffield Team kindly lent me a front wheel which allowed my to get back to the start line where kathryn was. It was a disappointing finish to the race but this unfortunately happens from time to time and I will be looking forward to the next race.

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