MK Bowl: Another Good Race At The Bowl

Racing at the Bowl again I traveled down to get there for 6:15 to get ready for a 7pm start. The weather forecast was sun shine with some cloud however on starting the journey it started raining gently which is something I thought would pass quickly on the way down. This however was not to be the case as the rain only got worse and continued all the way down and as it turned out to be throughout the race.

This meant that we stayed inside the bowl circuit as it was too wet to ride on the outside circuits.

The race was once again hard as always there and after several attacks a break of three was established and managed to get a gap of around 20 seconds. Following this a group of 5 got away and I attacked soon after to bridge over knowing that was the move to jump over to. Getting across on my own we then worked together to get across to the three riders up the road. After bridging over small breaks from the main group were coming over and the group was swelling in size with the riders who could make it over.

With 30 minutes to go Jordan clipped off the front and was able to stay away solo for the rest of the race to take the win.

I took 7th on the line following sprint which was fairly lined out following last lap and late lap attacks.

Despite the weather it was still an enjoyable evening!

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