MK Bowl: 6th Place In A Hard Race

Last Thursday I went down to the MK Bowl to race in the mid week Corley/Abbeygate Development races held at 7pm.

This was the first time I have raced there this year in something I was looking forward to. The race was setup for 30 mins around the conventional circuit around the bowl and 30 mins around half of the bowl circuit and an extension taken outside Of the bowl and around the front. This was all going clockwise and although I had rode this variation before it had always been anti-clockwise.

With the race altogether for 20 minutes, two riders went clear just before we started going outside. It then became a hard race negotiating the corners with a lot of sprinting out of the bends. With two riders up the road with 5 laps to go, Jordan Peacock put an attack in to escape and stay away until the end. This meant the bunch sprint was for 4th with me taking 3rd in the sprint and 6th overall.

On reflection afterwards this was one of the most enjoyable races this year. Especially having to corner well and stay at threshold through out the second half of the race. I certainly had a good time. Cameron Foster of Team MK took the win.

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