Thames Velo Road Race

On Sunday Kathryn and I traveled down to Holyport near Maidenhead to ride in the Thames Velo Road Race.

First race after the CiCLE Classic I was keen to find a rhythm again and get myself back into it. Starting off at 13:30, following the riders briefing in the Memorial Hall, we headed out to the circuit neutralised until the safely on the circuit.

After starting, the race strung out straight away with breaks trying to be established however with the pace so high nothing was able to stick. This continued throughout until two laps remaining where a break was finally able to stay away.

On the last lap there was a moment of confusion for myself after another move of around 12 riders managed to get off the front. This was rode back however I didn’t realise this and thought that they had managed to stay away. I decided to keep my powder dry for another day and after what was a hard and fast day I didn’t contest the sprint. Which, I found out when I returned to the car to see Kathryn, was for 7th place! This left me a little disappointed as I had read the race wrongly and should have sprinted for the line. I have recognised that sometimes these things happen and I have learnt a lesson. I am looking towards the future to the next race hoping that it will be a better one.

The race was won by Dan Bingham of Brother NRG Pro Cycling.

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