Easter Castle Combe Classic: A Difficult Day

On Good Friday last week , myself and Kathryn headed down south where I was to ride the Castle Combe Classic on the Castle Combe Circuit. On driving down it proved stressful with the Easter traffic however we managed to get there with enough time to spare and sign on.

With 110 riders taking to the start it was a popular race with everyone wanting to do well. With the strong winds on the exposed circuit it also made things very hard.

Sitting slightly nervous during the race which was very fast a found myself closer and closer to the back. With a break going up the road over halfway into the race, the bunch started riding to bring it back with everybody strung out throughout the circuit all the way round due to the pace.

This meant in the strong winds with everyone in the gutter riders were dropping off the back like a dripping tap. Working hard to stay in the race on a couple of occasions when coming up the the lap board I eventually called it a day with around 10 mins to go knowing I was never going to be able to move up in the winds.

This has been the first difficult day of the year and I will be taking it to move forward for the rest of the year.

Photo: Rich Lewton

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