CC Hackney Series: 5th Place

On Saturday it was the first round of the CC Hackney Primavera Series being held at Lee Valley. Starting at 4pm it allowed plenty of time to arrive and sign on, although extra journey time had to be allowed for West Ham playing at home next door in the London Arena, (Olympic Stadium).

After starting off, 10 minutes into the race one rider was up the road. I decided to make a move to bridge over. I was joined by David Mitchinson of Contour Cycles Racing Team. After bridging over and working together we lost our companion and it was just the two of us. Keeping it rolling through we were away for around 20 minutes where we were round back by the main bunch. Soon after this, another attack went which included Richard Mondszein from London Dynamo. The attack stuck until the end of the race where with inside 5 laps to go they were joined by two other riders who attacked from the peloton.

This caused a split in the main bunch however the main bunch was all back together with a lap remaining with four riders up the road. This meant the bunch sprint was for 5th place which I am happy to say I took.

This was very pleasing following being in the breakaway for a large portion of the race which was a good effort remaining at around 26 mph for the two of us.

The race winner was Alec Briggs of 5th Floor.

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