March Hare Classic: 2nd Place And A Great Result

On Saturday I traveled to Lee Valley to contest in the March Hare Classic. It was myself, Kathryn and Jordan travelling together arriving just after 2:30pm to get ready for a 3:45pm start.

On arrival we signed on and got ready. It was a busy day at the circuit with many races on though out the day. We managed to get a few warm up laps in before starting, where the head wind down the finishing straight of the circuit was very noticeable.

Once warmed up, we had the briefing and were set off. The race was to be 90 minutes long with the lap board stating 5 to go when we got close to the time limit.

On starting the pace was fast with many riders attacking. Breaks went and some were well represented with teams however everything was rode back quickly and nothing was able to stick. At one point there was a big split in the race with a large group up the road including Jordan. The gap was also fairly sizable and I thought it was going to stick however it did not.

Inside 5 to go riders were still attacking and it was not until 3 to go the the bunch was starting to get ready for a bunch sprint. With the remaining laps held at an extremely fast pace I was trying to position myself as best I could. With half a lap to go until the finish I found myself in the 53-11 as the pace was so high. Trying to be careful of the head wind I wanted to get myself in the best position I could and on opening my sprint I was able to make the right calls where I managed to take 2nd on the line.

This was a very pleasing result and to be honest a slight and very pleasant surprise. It is a race I will remember very fondly it’s great result to say I have had.

Frank Longstaff of Richardsons-Trek won the race.

During the race.
At the finish which came down to a bunch sprint with myself taking 2nd. Photo credit: Keith Johnson.
On the Podium.
1st Place: Frank Longstaff. 2nd Place: Myself. 3rd Place: Tom Hargreaves. Podium Photo Credit: Keith Johnson.

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