Duncan Sparrow Road Race: Top 10 In A Thrilling Race

On Sunday it was the Duncan Sparrow Road Race being held on the Pimbo Circuit in Skelmersdale. The weather forecast was not great for the day, and with our race being held at 2pm, I was watching the coverage on social media of the earlier races. I was looking at how they were affected by morning down pours at temperatures of just 3 degrees!

There was hope on arrival to the HQ that there was a break in the bad conditions with the rain stopping. This was short lived as it returner during the race making conditions freezing.

The race was fast from the off and constant attacks were put in through out. Prime laps were at 15 laps to go and 10 laps to go and these were very fast and the change in pace was noticeable as it was hard to hang in due to the speed.

As active as the race was, it failed to have an established break due to everything being rode back. Adam Robinson of Vision Racing attacked on the last lap and was able to power away until the end holding off the peloton by only few bike lengths.

I was able to take 9th place overall on the line just squeezing into the top 10 in what was a quality field. This race is something that will stay with me for a long time and something I will remember very fondly, especially with the social media coverage it was given during and after the race.

It also stands to be one of the best results I have had with the riders who were racing. The full report and results can be read here on VeloUK.

Race finish. Photo credit: Velouk

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