Full Gas Series: 5th Place 

On Saturday 25th I traveled down the Lee Valley Velo Park for another round, the 8th and last planned one for a while before moving on to other things.

Arriving as normal I signed on and got myself ready to start for 2pm. Starting off, two riders very quickly managed to get a gap in the wind. Realising I needed to get across before the gap was to big to bridge; I put an effort in when we hit the cross wind with the hope of breaking the bunch up a bit.

It worked and with the three riders I took with me we were then able to bridge over to the two away riders to make the break of six.

Working well in the wind, which was strong on the day, we were able to get a big gap very quickly and were soon out of sight ahead.

With about 30-25 minutes to go Sam Christy of London Dynamo attacked and went on his own. Adam Robertson went soon after. Not having the legs to go with them I stuck in the group of four of us working to keep ahead of the bunch which we later lapped with a few laps remaining.

Staying away I was able to take 3rd in the group and 5th overall. It was a great result and the first break I have been in this year. Very encouraging as March comes closer.

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