Welland Valley Reliability Ride

On Sunday it was the annual Welland Valley Reliability Ride. An event always held at the end of January, it is always a good way to catch up with people during the winter months when everyone is putting in the winter training miles.

Riding from home, I arrived at the HQ with Jordan at 8:40 with time to spare to sign on and get ready for the 9am start.

The weather forecast was dry for the morning with rain coming in the afternoon, which I was hoping would come at the end or after the ride. The start of the morning however was colder than expected and with ice still on the road at 9am the start was delayed by 30 mins with the hope of the ice melting as it warmed up to make for a safer ride.

Thankfully the ice melted and we set off in reasonable conditions. With just over and hour and a half or so into the ride however the rain started whilst we headed around rugby.

We hoped this would stop but unfortunately it did not and with the wind picking up as we went on conditions really did take a turn for the worst. This continued until the end of the ride and by the time we all arrived back at the HQ the January weather had really taken its toll. The ride in total was 68 miles plus the ride there and back. Good but hard earned miles.

Collecting the well earned certificate I headed straight home to get warm. It was definitely a ride to remember….

The ride was held on a new route this year. Click here to view the ride on Strava.

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