First Race Of The Year: Full Gas Race Series

As we have come into January, the winter crit series are now getting more popular as we approach the start of the road season. Looking to keep my race speed I had planned to get myself down to a series if the weather is good enough.

Over the weekend I headed to to the Lee Valley Circuit in the Olympic Park, Stratford to contest the Full Gas Winter Series.

With the race race starting at 2pm, it gave enough time to get down during the morning without having to get up to early.

After arriving and signing on, we headed down to start the race. With a fairly small field I new it was going to be hard race. As we set off the attacks started straight away with all moves being covered. As we went on the group was whittled down, and halfway into the race one rider managed to get away and build a lead of about 20 seconds. Coming towards the finish the group was down to 5 riders where we contested for 2nd place. 

I was able to take 3rd place. I fell it was a great way to start the year and get things moving for the year ahead.

Jacob Vaughan of VC Londres won the race.

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