Winter Cycling This Year

With us now coming well into this years winter, training preparations have now started for the new year. Following a successful 2016 which was built on during some good winter months, I have decided to follow the same training template I elected to use last year with a few changes to mix things around a bit.

Following an autumn involving track racing and hill climbs it is also a good opportunity to get some long miles in at low intensity, taking a much needed rest from hard intervals that I have been doing.

Most sessions have been based around riding in zone 2. This includes a long ride over the weekend over one day usually aiming to be Saturday, and a recovery day the next on Sunday. I also keep an open mind if the weather is bad and switch the days around if there is a better forecast for Sunday. Mid week I try and keep all sessions under 2 hours to keep a good training and recovery balance.

Whilst training mostly in zone 2 I have also been doing some sweet spot work, and just been touching base with my zones as the month has progressed to try and keep them from completely switching off, but at the same time not doing to much to prevent completing a full on session.

Hopefully this approach proves to be a successful one where I will only be able to tell next year.

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