Deans CX Session

Last Wednesday night I went over to the leisure centre in Market Harbough for an off road session held by Dean Barnett. The evening training starts at 7pm and finishes and 8pm. Upon arrival there is a warm up working on required racing cross skills, and bike handling. This is then followed by a varied session which proves to be both a hard and fun workout.

On Wednesday we did a cross version of the Devil Race on a circuit replicating a track, which had a one hurdle on the back straight. This meant we were working on vital cross skills whilst in a racing situation. On all corners there are lights allowing the riders to see and make good judgements on the corners. There is also a light at the start and finish line of the course, which can vary each week.

A great session attended by all ages and abilities. There are two weeks on off road where after the sessions are scheduled to move indoors to the rollers which are to be held at Market Harborough football club.

For me this has been quality winter training keeping things interesting, whilst the road season comes to a close and when next year thoughts are in mind!

Lights are placed at the coarse start and finish line as well all the corners.

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