London 6 Day

After having a great time last year, me and Kathryn decided to come back to watch the London 6 Day again this year. Booking the tickets in February well in advance we wanted to be sure to get the tickets sorted early on.

Coming down on Friday afternoon on the M11, it was a 2 1/2 hour journey from Leicester to the Stratford Westfield. On arrival we parked in Car Park C which is the long stay car park in the Stratford Centre, costing £8.50 to park for 19 hours.

It was then a 20 minute walk to the Ibis Hotel we stayed in where we checked in and dropped our bags off and got ourselves ready to go.

It was then a 40 minute walk to the Lee Valley Velodrome which is very well sign posted all the way from Westfield. When getting to the velodrome the doors are opened for you where you arrive into porch with another set waiting to be opened to keep the heat in the velodrome.

Arriving at our seats we had a great night watching the racing. More information for the event can be found here on the 6 Day website.



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