Big Events -Hillingdon 

On Saturday I traveled with Kathryn down to Hillingdon to race at the Hillingdon Cycle Centre. It was a circuit I had never raced at before so I was looking forward to it. Traffic on the way down was not good however and we got to the race with 10 minutes to spare. Heading into the HQ I enquired if I could still get a ride and was told if I could get ready they would hold the start for a few minutes. Getting ready super quick, I just managed to tag on to the back of the warm up lap as everyone set off.

After 1 warm up lap. We were off and into the race. During the early few laps there were not to many attacks with people sharing turns on the front to keep the pace up. After this riders started trying to get away however nothing was able to stick despite what was a strong headwind down the finishing straight.

It was then not until the last third of the race that a move stuck which 8 riders managed to form a split. Sighting what was happening, I tried to get across before we went back into the headwind for the next lap. I could not get across however without taking everyone else so I pulled off the front to allow someone to pick up the chase after me but that did not happen and the move was allowed to stick.

Another attack was put in before we got to the finish lessened the group numbers. At the finish I was able to take the sprint for 9th. Andrew Disley of Harry Middleton CC won the race.After a stressful full journey down it was worth it after having an enjoyable race were hopefully I will be able to get back down soon.


Early in the race.
Taking a turn on the front.
At the finish line taking 9th place in a close sprint.

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