Autumn Training

After what has been a great and long year, and having managed to take my 1st Category Licence a few weeks ago in September, I have had the opportunity to try something a bit different this year. Over the last couple of seasons I have been focusing on the road up until November however after a successful season I have decided to try something else, whilst having slightly more time off the bike as well.

This has been more short and hard rides and efforts, and more time off the bike. This means I have been doing around 6 hours a week, getting in short rides which will have 5 minute, and 1 minute intervals added in, or an interval duration which is designed around these zones. I have also been riding the Derby Track League often, and entered a couple of Hill Climbs which will help me with working on the training and these zones.

I have decided to take this route with the idea and thoughts being that I will try to hold on as best I can to my V02 Max and Anaerobic Power, whilst letting my endurance go a bit with an idea of hopefully being able to get it back, when I start my base training.

I will keep planning to try and keep this going with about 5 or 6 hours a week being the target and keeping the rides under or around an hour at a time at a time until November where I will have some proper downtime. It has given me a chance to enjoy this time of year which can be very beautiful. I have also put on a little bit of weight which I have wanted to do for a sometime and with the season being so long my body had been struggling to try and keep at racing weight. I am also hoping this will help with my down time. It is also worth noting that during these efforts I have not been looking to improve somewhat, just maintain. So I have not been actively looking to push beyond my limits.

This approach of short and hard is something I have not tried before and is different way of going about it which I am hoping will come off in the future. It is also refreshing as it is something different.

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