Derby Track League

This Thursday was week 5 of the Track League held at Derby Arena. The format being 25 lap scratch, elimination, 30 lap points and 50 lap scratch race.

I was not able to get myself into the best position in the first race, however I managed a 6th place in the elimination, and scored 2 points in the points race faring much better in that discipline than recently.

It was the last scratch race where I saw the most action however. Waiting till after the 25 lap prime trying to get into a break with Phil did not come off however just a few laps later, Phil managed to get a gap with Martin where they gained half a lap very quickly. Soon after Joe White from Derby Mercury RC made a move and I decided that I would have to go with it if I wanted anything from the race with the bunch tiring up.

When getting in the move I hoped we would get over to Phil and Martin within just a few laps to make 4 of us however it took a lot longer than I anticipated as they were both riding well. As we came towards the end of the race I was down to half lap turnstone just try and maintain the gap however with 4 to go my companion took me over to to Phil and Martin where we got over with with 2 laps remaining.

I was able to take 2nd which is my highest place finish on the track. Phil and Martin also had a great night taking a stack of places and a first and second in the elimination. Simon also had a great night to keep his lead in the league.

On the boards during the evening. Photo credit Simon Jones.


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