Welland Valley CC Hill Climb Championship

The Welland Valley CC 2016 Club Championship came to a close on Sunday with a Hill being the final round. Having not taken part in this years championship I was not in contention to win it however there is an individual prize for the Hill Climb event and I decided to ride the event and see how I got on.

The Hill Climb was to be taken in 2 stages with the first ascent being from Drayton to Nevill Holt and the second stage going from Medbourne to Nevill Holt. Driving the first climb I made an assessment on which gear to ride in and how best to try and take the climb.

Starting at 10 I was the seventh rider off. With the climb being shallow at the start and steep in the middle with a shallow finish I thought it would be best take take it in the big ring keeping the speed on the shallower parts and managing the slow cadence on the steep part. I also decided it best with it being almost a sprint that it would cost time changing gear, especially from the 39 to the 52 ring so made the decision to stick with it through out. I was also conscious of cross chaining so tried to avoid being in the 52-23.

It paid off with a time 2 minutes and 22 seconds which was the fastest time in stage one. With a break in between stages it then gave me a chance to access the second climb where I decided to start in the 39 chain ring with the start being on a steep section of the hill. Getting halfway up the climb however I found I was getting down the block and almost in the 39-12/11 so tried to change into the 52 ring, this proved costly however with the chain coming off. I was lucky though as I managed to flick it back into the 39 ring where I accepted that I was going to have to stick with it and continue to the top. I still managed to come 2nd on the stage with a time 2 minutes and 14 seconds which was very pleasing and meant it was enough to win the race overall with a time of 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

I was very happy with this result which also means I will win the prestigious Hill Climb trophy the Benny Foster Medal. I was also managed a PB 1 minute and 2 minute power showing the training has paid off!

Today’s Newspaper article in the Harborough Mail.

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