Birmingham Business Park Circuit Race

On Saturday I traveled over to Solihull in the West Midlands for the Birmingham Business Park Circuit Race being held by Behind Bars Sports Events and Birmingham Midland Cycling Club.

The forecast for the afternoon was not the best with heavy rain for most of it and on arrival this was exactly the case. This did not stop anyone however with almost everyone signing on and others signing in on the day.

Starting at 1:30 we set off with a short neutralized section before starting the race. With the water on the floor it was important to get the right tyre pressure and watch out for drains. For the first 40 minutes the race mostly stayed together with breaks being pulled back. In the later part of the race however 2 riders managed to escape which was instigated by Jordan. They were then joined by another 4 riders who managed to bridge over.

Moves were being rode back throughout until the later part of the race.
I managed to get into the second group on the road.

At this stage the race had separated into groups with me being in the 2nd group on the road trying to chase the front 6 riders. With 3 laps to go however the chase broke down with everyone thinking of the finish.

The rain was coming down hard towards the end of the race.

I managed to take 8th place on the line. The race was won by Jacob Tipper.

It was a very enjoyable race with the weather not having any effect. On the way home the sun started shining with the rain stopping.

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