Summer Training

We are now coming to the end of the warm weather. I can say that I believe training over the summer has been a success. With so much racing, it has been a challenge, however I have managed to keep on top of things with using racing as a build up for this year’s goals, whilst dedicating one day most weeks to a specific session.

In most weeks racing has been on a Thursday evening, and could be either on a Saturday or Sunday over the weekend. This leaves Tuesday as my training day, with all other days recovery, or a ride in Zone 1. Despite this busy schedule, I have still managed to improve in lots of areas. Mostly max 1 minute, and 5 minute power.

It shows that allowing sufficient recovery in between sessions still allows me to improve despite the heavy race schedule. I have found the best way of doing it this year is to keep on top of my zones using the Power Profile on Trainingpeaks. I have been doing this by seeing where I would like to improve or maintain by checking the profile before my session and planning for that. I also have sometimes done this for racing when they are being used for build up races.

The Power Profile has been an effective tool this year, and one will be using more in the future.

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