Spirit Bikes Race

Yesterday I traveled down to Cranfield University to ride in the Spirit Bikes Race which was being held on the ‘tricky triangle’ Cranfield Circuit. Racing started at 12:30 and headed out from the university sports hall car park and down to the circuit.

We were to race 22 laps of the circuit which was to be around 50 miles. As we started the rain was starting to come down and the wind was picking up. There was a strong headwind on the downhill section of the circuit and cross wind around the other parts making it a tough race. With 3 riders going from the gun, I was keeping myself in the bunch getting into the race. At around halfway into the race the bunch then started to break up with the wind making it very difficult. There was then a group forming ahead which was quickly swelling in numbers. With the group around 200m ahead I decided I needed to get across before the rode away. I managed to bridge a cross and the move then stuck with a lead then being established on the peloton.

I managed to keep within what was the 2nd lead group on the road which had around 20 riders with in it riding until the last lap where unfortunately a rider came down in front of me and I was taken off the bike. There was nothing I could do and at the time did not accept the race was over managing to get back on my bike but with no chance of riding back into the group I was in. I then decided to call it a day and head in to get myself recovered. Of the original breakaway 2 riders remained. The race was won by James Lambton.

During what was a hard race. Photo Credit: Haigh Photography

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