EMRRL Dringy’s Road Race

On Sunday it was the EMRRL Dringy’s Road Race being held in Edmoundthorpe, Rutland, Leicestershire. It was to be held on the Wymondham Circuit which was one I had never ridden before.

Starting in Edmounthorpe outside the HQ, we set off at 10. The race was to be around 53 miles which was to be 5 laps after arriving at the start line from the HQ.

A break was established very early on, and and was able to get a lead of around 40 seconds which was held for most of the race. With the wind being strong once again riders were reluctant to take up a chase when heading into the head wind with attacking in smaller groups preferred which were all rode back quickly.

With a couple of riders managing to escape on the last lap just before the the bunch were sprinting for 7th place. Unfortunately I took up my sprint to early which I was made to pay for with riders coming past me before the line. Finishing in 17th place I will be taking it forward for next time.

Start of the Dringy’s Road Race, photo credit: Haigh Photography

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