Mallory Park Series

On Thursday I went to the latest round in the Mallory Park Series. With the race starting at 7pm I arrived for just after 6pm to get myself signed on and ready. The course for the night was to be the full circuit riding around anti-clockwise.

After a riders briefing on the start line, we were set off. After settling into the race after a couple of laps, ย the feeling was to try and go with some moves and joining in the attacks. This continued through out the race, although nothing seemed to be sticking with race being fast. This was until the wind speed picked up halfway through which changed the race. As this happened two riders managed to escape making use of the conditions. After this with about 10 laps to go there was a big split within the bunch. This was a large group of around 9 or 10 riders. I managed to get myself into the group and with 5 to 4 laps to go the group started attacking each other to try and split it up for the finish. One rider managed to escape, and just before the last lap a few riders which were in the group behind managed to bridge over. The group was then sprinting for 4th place which was taken by Andy Sheret from OVB. I managed to take 6th place overall making it another good evening and another top 10.

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