High Winds In The Rockingham Series

On Wednesday high winds came for NCRA evening series held at Rockingham. The race was an E/1/2 event so I knew it would be a really tough evening, and with only being 64 kilos competing with the bigger riders was a going to be a big ask. I was constantly checking the wind during the day to see if it was getting better but sadly for me it was not so I was going to try and last as long as possible.

On arrival I signed on, and got myself ready to ride the circuit to see which areas were the most exposed. We would be on the smaller circuit at the far end of the track, with another 3/4 category race being held on the top circuit.

Riding round I found there was a strong headwind on the bottom straight before turning onto the short finishing climb with tail and cross winds on the rest of the circuit. It was all going to be in the corner onto the headwind which is were the shelter was needed. On starting riders including Jordan tried to get into the break from the off, this was brought back however and a final break of three established soon after.

As the race drew on I was getting worn down with the repeated efforts needed for turning into the headwind which were coming every few minutes. With the main group breaking up I was distanced after around the halfway mark. Even though I was unable to keep within the group, the ride also showed improvement from races with similar conditions earlier in the year which hopefully I can go forward with and improve on.

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