Corley/Abbeygate Series

On Thursday Evening I traveled down to the Milton Keynes Bowl to race in the Corley/Abbeygate Developments Series. Starting at 7pm, I arrived at 6:20pm to sign on the line and get myself ready. On arrival it was raining and with 20 minutes until we started it was coming down pretty heavy. This meant that we would be staying on the inside of the Bowl to keep the racing as safe as possible.

I managed to get a short ride for warming up in before heading to the start line where we were set off. With riders attacking from the first laps I avoided to early moves anticipating they would be rode back. This proved to be correct and about 20 minutes into the race there were some attacks that needed to be followed and I had to go with them. This continued up until 50 minutes into the race and at one stage the group was seriously split up with a lot of pressure to break the race up. I managed to get myself in the front group and just before the 5 lap to go mark 2 riders from Spirit Bikes Racing and PMR@Toachim House went clear and were able to stay away until the finish. I was able to take 5th place on the line in what was a hard bunch sprint for 3rd place.

This was a great race which I very much enjoyed. Hopefully I will continue the form through onto the upcoming races.

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