Equipe Velo Road Race

Last Sunday I traveled down to Towcester to ride in the Equipe Velo Road Race. They used the Foxley Circuit which is one I had not risen before. It was around a 5 mile ride from the HQ in Towcester to the start line on Banbury Lane so we all got a good warm up.

Starting at 9:30 we started with a neutralised mile or so and then got under way. The course was mostly on narrow lanes and exposed to the wind therefore riders were trying to force a break early. On the second lap just after pressure was put on I noticed that a small group had managed to get a gap therefore I reacted and managed to get across to them. Just as I bridged over another small group got over to us meaning we became a group of eight. We were able to get a minute advantage very quickly and the small roads helped as we were out of sight. Working well we continued as a group of eight until 3 laps to go when three more riders bridged over to us to make a front group of eleven.

We were able to keep working together until the last lap when there were a few attacks with riders trying to get away in the last few miles. However despite this we all finished together. I was able to take 4th place on the line, it was the first time I had got into the break for a while so it was a result I was very happy with.

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