Mallory Park Series

On Thursday I was back at Mallory Park for another round in the Series being held over the summer. It was a warm evening which was nice and with a day off the bike to go to Kathryn’s graduation on Wednesday I was going into the race feeling good.

The race was to be 30 laps and around 60km in distance. Starting at 7 we headed off after the briefing and attacks were starting straight away. With the wind picking up during the race too it made it more difficult as the race went on after around 10 – 15 laps a break was allowed to go which included 6 riders initially but however was  established as 4 riders. Building up a quick lead they managed to get clear. With around 10 laps to go another break of 4 riders went clear as riders were trying to attack in the later stages of the race trying to use the wind to escape. There was a chase which established however which I was evolved in and the break was brought back in the last few remaining laps. It meant the bunch was sprinting for 5th and I managed to take 6th place just behind Andy Sheret of OVB.

It was much better after Tuesday night, and went away feeling a lot better. I also set a new PB minute power for the end of the race after sprinting a little bit earlier than I normally would have done to try and ensure the position. It shows the training has been going well and it will hopefully help me in the up and coming weeks ahead.



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