Peterborough CC/Alston Homes Road Race

On Sunday morning I traveled over to Sawtry near Peterborough to contest in the Peterborough CC/Alston Country Homes National B Road Race. It was a lovely day with a nice temperature of around 24 degrees Celsius.

The race was held on more or less flat roads and in combination with the neutralized section was just over 79 miles long. The prize fund was a hefty £350 for 1st place meaning it was going to be a hard fought race! Going into the start, I thought that an early break would not be allowed away due to the nature of the course and the prize fund however I was proved wrong, and a group of riders including Jordan managed to get away and hold out for the first 50 miles or so. It was eventually brought back and attacks were constantly coming leading up into the final lap. At this moment another smaller break managed to make a move and stick with two riders staying away to the finish. There was a lot of attacking in the final kilometers leading to the bunch becoming fragmented at the finish. The course leading up to the finish line was very narrow and a head wind made it very difficult however, I was able to take a pleasing 13th place.

Results can be found here.

Course can be found here.

Alston/PCC Road Roce - by  James Rudd
During the race



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