Mallory Park

This week it was Welland Valley CC’s turn to help out at Mallory Park. This meant arriving earlier to help set everything up, helping with the finishing cameras and marshaling and staying a little later to help put everything away.

Fortunately there was enough people to help to allow some of us to race on the night as well. I was fortunate enough to be able to ride and was with Simon Hopkins, Hans Van Nierop and Josh Van Nierop. The race was around 60K long and windy conditions made it extremely difficult.

Attacking early on I slightly underestimated the wind and found myself struggling for a bit of time after having gone a into the red, it was also made slightly more difficult with riders struggling to hold the wheels in the windy conditions. I was able to overcome this however and managed to stay in there until there end which was pleasing.

With 6 riders away until the finish I was able to take a pleasing 7th place taking the bunch sprint.


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