Mallory Park Series

On Thursday evening I travelled with Kathryn over to Mallory Park again to ride in the evening series which started at 7. The weather forecast was very unpredictable with localised showers everywhere leaving others dry. None the less we decided to go and on arrival just before signing on everything was dry.The circuit for the evening was flat, and clockwise around. Just as we started the riders briefing the rain then started to come, and not long after the ground was completely wet making spray and meaning it was difficult and very wet.

During the race I managed to get into two breaks which were both pulled back. Then around halfway through, a split was forced and a large group of 9 riders managed to get a significant gap. After 15 minutes of trying to bridge, and chasing it then all came back together with the race winning move coming just inside 10 laps to go.

Three riders were away towards the finish, and another (Charlie White) broke off with a couple of laps to go leaving the bunch sprint for 5th place. I managed to take 6th place making it a good night, with the exception of being very wet……..



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