East Midland Divisional Champs

After a short break from racing I was back this weekend at the East Midlands Divisional Championships being held in Castle Bytham. The weather forecast for the day was very good and it did not disappoint with bright sunshine all afternoon.

After a couple of weeks away I did not know what to expect, and the aim was to finish as the race distance was a long one with a scheduled 88 miles for the afternoon. On the first lap a break of around 10-12 riders went clear, and were allowed to go with nobody reacting to much. Seeing they were going to be let go I made an attempt to jump across before it got to far. Just as I was getting over, other riders also following also attempted to bridge over with the bunch then reacting the break was ultimately caught. Straight after this however a new break was formed and was subsequently allowed away.

The gap was held at around a minute up until around 50 miles where the bunch started to break up with riders trying to bridge. Two groups of five made the attempt with the first five making it over and the second group unable too. Another three riders broke off on the last lap. I came over the line in 27th place.

Aside from how the race panned out for myself. It was very good to get the miles in on what was a very nice day. I am looking forward to racing again. Well done to Jordan who managed to get into the break and take 10th place and also race winner Rob Orr.


06.06.16 Import 084
During the race passing the feed zone
06.06.16 Import 081
Coming to the finish line in 27th place

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