Wellingborough Cycles Road Race

On Sunday morning it was the Wellingborough Cycles Road Race. It was an 80 mile race being held in Great Easton, Leicestershire. The event was also a National B event and had a high quality field on the start line.

After the Full Gas Track Event from the night before, my aim was just to get round, enjoy myself and see if I could finish. As it turned the weather was great so it was a really nice day to be out on the bike.

The race started in Middleton at the Rockingham Forest Club House, and proceeded over to Great Eastern where the race was started just before the first of nine accents of the Devils Staircase Climb. The conditions were entirely different from the Rhino Road Race held on the same course last year where the race was separated early on with the rain and wind playing apart. This year there was not to much wind with warm sunshine which allowed the race pace to be very fast with over a 26 mph average for the race.

With the pace so high it was difficult for groups to get away, with several breaks being brought back on the climb. With two laps to go, one rider managed to escape and was allowed to get around 45 seconds to a minute up the road building the lead quickly. With this being the case, I decided I felt OK and I should try to give the finish a go to see if my legs would be OK and see how I get on. It proved to be worth it as I managed to get into a good position for the final accent and take 7th place on the line at the top.

I was skeptical on how well I would be able to do with the track the night before but I was encouraged by Kathryn to give it a go and it turned out to be one of the best results of this year. I am very pleased with how it has gone and I am looking forward to hopefully racing again in a couple of weeks.

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