Full Gas Track Meeting

On Saturday evening I attended my first open track meeting which was being held at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London. The event started at 6 and finished at 10, with a schedule for a mixed endurance group, advanced endurance group and elite endurance. There was also a sprint event for the sprinters.

I had entered the advanced endurance, and not knowing what to expect at the start I was a little nervous. However I son got into it. The first event was a 30 lap scratch race where I managed to take 5th place and started the night off very well. After this there was over an hour break for the other events to continue.

The next event was an elimination/scratch race. This was an elimanation race, with one rider being eliminated every 2 laps and then with 8 riders or so left the lap board was put up with 5 to go and it was then a scratch race. I unfortunately got myself caught on the inside of the track and was eliminated with two eliminations left until the lap board was left with 5 to go.

The last event was a 50 lap points race with a sprint every 10 laps. I managed to take 4th in the first two sprints and was just pipped to take another 4th in the penultimate sprint. This meant I just missed out on the placings with myself accumulating two points. It was also an incredibly hard race with it being the last one of the night.

It was a very good night and a great experience. Kathryn was also on hand to help with the travelling and getting all my things together.

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