Tour Of The Milburys

On Saturday it was the Tour Of The Milburys Stage Race being held in Corhampton. The Race was to be a 4 mile morning time trial, with a road race in the afternoon. Traveling down on Friday evening with Kathryn, we stayed at a hotel for the night which was around 20 minutes from the HQ.

Photo credit:ย

With the TT due to start at 10 am, we arrived at 9 to allow for plenty of time for my start time at 10:17. The Circuit was mostly uphill, started in Corhampton and finished at the top of Winchester Old Hill. It was a tough and hard Time Trial. I managed to take 56th, 1 minute and 30 seconds back from the leader.

After the TT, there was a short space to relax before the road race started in the afternoon at 1 pm. The race was neutralized out from Corhampton and went up Beacon Hill Road before turning right down a lane towards the Milburys Pub which was where the race was started. The race was a hard one as the morning effort started to catch up with a lot of riders. With 4 riders up the road I was able to take 6th place on the line for the stage, getting myself into the top 10 which bought me up to 27th in the overall standings.

It was a great weekend to have away and the weather held out to make it pleasant to race in. It was also nice to be able to take a top 10 away from the race.

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