World Champions At The Derby Summer Event

On Tuesday I was at the Derby Velodrome for the first of the four summer events being held while the league has a break until September. With it likely to be a quiet evening, I thought it would be a good opportunity to move up into the A Group for the night to see how I would get on.

However, on arrival I found that it was not going to be an easy night at all as both 3 time World Champion Morgan Kneisky and the Current World Champion Sebastian Mora had turned up to also race which meant it was going to be no ordinary race night!

The first race was a 25 lap scratch race. Sebastian Mora took up the front from the start of the race and from then on it was like being on the wheel of a motorbike. After 12 to 13 laps the race started to completely fragment with myself caught in one of the splits.

The next race was a 1 mile dash which was 6 laps. Again the race speed was phenomenal, with an average of over 36 mph. Although I managed to get myself around the top 10 I was some way off the front of the race.

The last event of the night was a 64 lap scratch race with a prime halfway through. For 30 laps it was through and off. Once the prime came a break of around 6 or 7 was forced and they soon built up a lead with the main group behind breaking up with everyone trying to bridge across.  The race once again finished in groups of small numbers, it also set a new track record for the 64 lap distance.

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