The First Rockingham Of 2016

On Wednesday night it was the first race evening being held at the Rockingham Race Circuit. The format for the night was a 3/4 Scratch Race and an E/1/2 Scratch Race , both starting at 7 on different circuit variations.

We were on the top shorter circuit which is usually is a quick and hard race. With a fairly small field it was also going to make things difficult on the night. Straight from the gun 2 riders went straight away, one of which was Jordan Peacock. It then took several attempts from everybody to join them with with a split finally being forced after about 20 minutes. I did not manage to get in the group which contained 5 riders. It left me in a difficult position with our group losing riders, and with everyone else unwilling to work together it was a difficult ride to the line. With the group constantly attacking each other, two Riders on separate occasions manged to escape leaving 10th place to sprint for on the line. I took 11th place. It was aย fairly brutal race to start at Rockingham with. Some good training though.

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