Bury Clarion Circuit Races

Whilst up North in Manchester for the Bank Holiday weekend I took advantage of an opportunity to race at the near by Steven Burke Closed Circuit in Nelson, Lancashire. The race was being held by Bury Clarion and the event was with a full field.

Starting at 14:15 we had around 20 minutes to warm up on the circuit before the race which was to be 35 laps long and equaled to be around an hour. With a break of four riders that went away within the first few laps of the race, I managed to get away twice with the second attempt made to stick along with 2 others. Unfortunately however one of the riders came off on a bend in front of me which forced us off the track. With my wheel needing a bit of maintenance we were caught by the bunch. I was in aware at the time that laps out were available for this which I found out later on. Other than this it was an enjoyable race. I just rode over the line to the finish.

During the race
Away on my own
Moment of the crash, thankfully everyone seemed ok

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