WVCC Time Trial

On Tuesday I was back in Tur Langton to ride the WVCC Evening 10 Series. Although it’s late April the weather has entered a cold spell, with the temperature around 2-3 degrees in the evening. This meant fewer riders took to the start line. I also rode in full winter gear to ensure I kept warm!

Starting in minute intervals I was off at 18:40. Sadly, I was unable to do the Time Trial I would have liked with my legs not feeling it at all. I averaged 255w for the event which is below normal with my heart rate also lower than usual. Although this could be in part to do with the cold, I think a bit of tiredness also played apart with a busy week in work.

It does however show that although the morning resting heart rate was good, it would have been a better decision to have had an easier ride in hindsight. Going forward from this I will have to assess the situation a little better. Racing 3 times a week will be a maximum also going forward which should help.

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